Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

The name Attiveri Bird Sanctuary had been coined in 17th Century. This sanctuary encompasses birds of 80 different species from 22 different countries. The sanctuary is spread across 2.23 sq. kms.

The Attiveri Reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of a dam across Tayawwanahalla in the village of Attiveri. This reservoir attracted many birds, especially aquatic species and was therefore developed as a bird sanctuary. The agricultural fields nearby the sanctuary are host to a variety of aquatic creatures which are a main source of food for the birds of the sanctuary.

Attiveri Bird sanctuary houses birds like little cormorant, , spoonbill, Indian shag, cattle egretpied kingfisher, white-breasted kingfisher, white ibis, common grey hornbill and common swallow.

Mundgod - 15 kms
Karwar - 113 kms

Other places to visit here are Tibetian Colony, Sannavalli Dam.

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