How to reach Karwar

Connectivity through Air:
Nearest airport to Karwar is Dabolim Airport in Vasco, Goa which is around 90 kms away from Karwar (3 hour journey). From the Airport, you can either hire cab directly to Karwar or take a bus to Madgoan and then catch a bus to karwar. Buses ply to Karwar every 30 mins in Madgoan.

Connectivity through Rail:
Karwar is well connected through Konkan Railway. From Mumbai, there are around 6 trains travelling to Karwar (12 hour journey). From Bengaluru, there is Yeshwantpur-Karwar express running daily through Mangalore starting in afternoon which is (16 hour journey) . You can also reach Madgoan by train in a 13 hour journey and catch a bus from there, or reach Mangalore by train in a 10 hour journey and then catch a bus to Karwar which will take you another 5 hours. From Mangalore, there are lots of trains plying to Karwar along the Konkan stretch.

Connectivity through Road:
NH-17 connects Karwar to most of the places on the West Coast. Madgoan - 72 kms, Panjim - 105 kms, Mangalore - 272 kms. Other major cities are Bengaluru - 535 kms, Hubli - 160 kms

Best Time to Travel

Karwar Weather:

Summer is the best time to get yourself tanned in bright sun with breezy conditions near the beach. However, dont forget to carry your sunscreen lotion, since temperature will be around mid to high 30 celsius. It starts from mid March and lasts till early June. Since it is the holiday season, lot of tourists thrive to this place during this season.

Winter is the most suitable weather to take a trip to Karwar, since the temperature will be in 20 - 30 celsius. It starts from the month of November and ends in February. During winter, day starts will light fog and then mild sun in the afternoon and closing with cool winds in the evening. It will be a best season for couples on honeymoon.

Monsoon is not a very good time to visit Karwar, since it receives heavy rainfall during this season. It starts from mid June and lasts till October. Sometimes, once the rainfall starts, it lasts for a week. However, people who love and enjoy rain, the lush green mountains and love to see nature at it's best, then this is definitely the perfect for them.

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