Idgunji Temple

The famous temple encompasses Lord Ganapati's statue which has 2 heads built in red sand.
The two handed Lord Ganapati is holding Modaka and Padma (Lotus) in his hands. The idol of Ganapathi at Idagunji is similar to the Ganapathi at Gokarna. It is believed that Lord Ganapati stayed in the place called Kunjaranya which is now renowned as Idagunji (Idakunja). It is said to be a place of penance selected by ancient saints. Mhatobar Shri Vinayaka Devaru has been granting the wishes of thousands of people who regularly visit this place from year to year.

Honnavar - 15 kms
Karwar - 120 kms

Apsara Konda

Apsara konda

Apsara konda(Apsarakonda) is a small village near Honnavar, town in Uttara Kannada district. 8 kms from Honnavar are the "Apsara Konda Falls" (Pond of the Celestial Nymphs) set in a picturesque setting and a fine beach that offers glorious sunsets. Apsara Konda pond is a devine beauty and the beach near to that offers beautiful sunset view. Legend says that the Apsaras (Heavenly fairies) used to come here to bathe and relax. The place truly exudes heavenly beauty. There is Devi temple and a branch of Ramachandra mutt. There are several big caves on the hillock called "Pandavas caves".With a view of the river, the sea, the islands, the lush green fields and coconut groves, the Apsarkonda hillock verily offers a feast to the eyes that see. Other places to visit are Honnavar beach and Kasaragodu beach.

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