Sri Marikamba temple at Sirsi

Marikamba Temple, Sirsi

Built in 16th century, this temple is one of the famous tourist attraction in Uttara Kannada. Marikamba temple hosts Sri Marikamba's statue carved out of tree. A biannual 'Marikamba Jaatre' is celebrated with great joy and pomp by the people of Sirsi and Uttarakannada. The goddess is carried from the temple to the 'Marikamba gadduge' on a beautiful wooden 'Ratha' and shall be seated there for seven days. This festival is the biggest 'Car festival' in Karnataka. People from all over come to see this festival.

Sahasralinga, Sirsi


Around 15 kms from Sirsi, is a place of calmness with the river flowing down the stream and thousands of Shivlinga of all sizes and shapes scattered around you. This aspect of the place makes it a cool place to chill out for both pilgrims and nature lovers.

Sahasralinga is a pilgrim place located on the banks of the river Shalmala and it is well known for being the location where around a thousand Shiva lingas have been carved on the rocks present on the river bank. Each rock is designed with a Shiva linga and Nandi facing it. Sahasralinga is one of the best places for one day picnic.

One can reach Sirsi either from Banavasi which is 23 kms or from Yellapur which is at 40 kms or from Kumta which is at a distance of 50 kms. Distance of Sirsi from Bengaluru is 450 kms.

Other places to visit here are Benne Hole & Kumbri falls, Shivganga falls

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