Om Beach

Om Beach

Om Beach is situated in Gokarna. The name Gokarna is derived from the fact that the rivers Agnashini and Gangavati confluence weirdly and get the shape of Govina Kivi (Cow's ear). The famous Mahabaleshwara Temple is also situated here just 6 kms away.

It is a conservative Hindu pilgrimage town, home to several temples and festivals. The town itself is full of locals and pilgrims, and doesn't have much in the way of facilities for tourists, other than a handful of guesthouses and local restaurants.

This beach is in the shape of Om in Devanagari script when viewed from top of Western Ghats.

Karwar - 60 kms, Hubli - 160 kms

Contact Numbers:
Om Beach Resort : 08386 - 257052
Saswara Resort : 08386 - 257052
Om Lodge : 08386 - 256445
Gokarna International : 08386 - 258622
Hotel Samudra : 08386 - 256236
Hotel Shivprasad : 08386 - 257032
Hotel New Prasad : 08386 - 256250

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